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The Importance of Team Building

Dec 16, 2016

Just Wednesday, L & D Mail Masters’ marketing team spent the evening team building at Uptown Art where they painted Christmas owls to get into the holiday spirit together. It is opportunities and events like these that create a strong morale around a department in the workplace. The holidays offer abundant opportunities to grab the company or departments together to mingle with those you don’t normally get to mingle with. On Tuesday, L & D Mail Masters held their annual holiday luncheon on campus; this was yet another opportunity to boost morale. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” So why do we suggest you implement quarterly team building initiatives?

Team building motivates employees. The better the relationship between management and non-management, the easier it is for employees to voice themselves and their ideas. When employees feel their ideas are heard, the more confident they will become. This motivates employees to be innovative and creative, which in return will only enrich your business.

Team building breaks barriers. When employees feel they can connect with management on another level, other than just for work purposes, the better the environment will be. For management, they are given opportunities to be viewed as a colleague rather than a superior during team building events.

Team building allows for fun in the workplace. While there is a time and a place for fun in the workplace, many forget this aspect. Team building events open the door for a relaxed and fun atmosphere. When this occurs, people no longer dread the thought of coming to work. We all want that, right?

Team building bonds employees together. Knowing where people have been and what struggles they face in a non-threatening way brings understanding amongst one another. A sense of understanding is always beneficial in the workplace.

Every company has goals and it takes teamwork to obtain those goals. Team building enriches members on a personal level and a professional level. So, plan a company picnic or a company-wide luncheon to help facilitate team building. Make this a goal as we step into the New Year. After all, they say: “We can do more when we do it together.” 

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