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Why Our Brains Yearn for Video Marketing

Feb 9, 2017

As time goes on, technology advances. We’re passed the point of still photos. We’re living in the times of videos and animations. According to Forbes, video content will represent 74% of all Internet traffic this year. Videos take the lead in marketing because viewers are able to visually understand specific topics now more than ever before. Videos play up to our emotional marketing triggers. Here are three characteristics we possess that make video the most relevant option on social media.

  1. Lazy. We are lazy. According to Forbes, four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. We want to learn about brands, see products and machines in action, and see how companies operate. When the information is presented to us in the most convenient way, we instantly tune in. After all, haven’t you noticed Facebook and Instagram videos play automatically now? It is all about convenience.
  2. Low attention-span. Marketers preach it time and time again—humans have the attention span of a gold fish. As of recently, though, studies have proven that humans are even worse than gold fish. While a gold fish can pay attention for an average of nine seconds, humans are averaging only six to eight seconds. What’s this mean for your digital advertising? You have to capture your viewer’s attention as quickly as possible. Why should I continue watching? What is the point of this video? These are questions you must answer when creating a video and publishing it to your social media channels.
  3. Seek emotional connection. Whenever video marketers pull at the viewers’ heart strings, it’s a win. Emotions play a tremendous role in our decisions as consumers. Remember, social media is all about the hits, likes and finding content that makes users want to interact with you. According to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, the most shareable videos are the ones that trigger emotions and in particular ones with a strong emotional pull are twice more likely to be shared than those that don’t. Whether it’s fear, greed, joy or compassion, these triggers will leave your end-user taking action. That’s what we seek as marketers, right?

Don’t just get the camera out and start filming. Have a plan in mind. Do not publish low quality or long videos. Also, do not make your videos too sales-pitchy. All of these points will have your social media channels clicking with new viewers and followers. If you’d like to see our latest video, click here.

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