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Press Release - Take Your Counselor to Work Day

Jun 20, 2017

Summer Counselor Externship Program

NEW ALBANY, Ind.—New Albany High School Guidance Counselor, Mary Beth Hackman, spent the week of June 12th at L & D Mail Masters working hand-in-hand with employees to learn the ins and outs of some non-traditional jobs. Hackman got hands on to learn how L & D Mail Masters creates marketing campaigns from start to finish in her own backyard.

“[It’s important] when you know where your food comes from. I’m, now, going to be mindful when I look at my mail and I look at that permit number and see L & D, I’m going to know that was processed in my own neighborhood. That’s something I never looked at before and it’s fascinating,” said Counselor Mary Beth Hackman.

Mary Beth took time out of her summer break to job shadow employees in every department at L & D Mail Masters to be able to assist students in understanding what life after school actually looks like. Alan Taylor, the Director of Career and Technical Education at Prosser Career Education Center, runs the summer Counselor Externship Program. Several other counselors within the district are able to participate in the externship with help from a state-provided grant. In October 2016, 69.7 percent of 2016 high school graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That leaves 30-percent of graduates seeking careers post-high school. It is for those students that Hackman really felt the calling to get out in the community to find out what is out there.

“I’m not a stickler for a four-year secondary education. So, I wanted to get out here and see, the things we are pushing to kids, what we’re feeding to kids. See how it fits. We teach people English, we teach people Math. The importance of using a calculator, it isn’t about Calculus; it is also about basic skills. But, just getting them to realize the skill we are teaching and how it applies to the real world,” Hackman stated, “You don’t just wake up tomorrow with a work ethic.”

“The great thing about L & D Mail Masters is our will to employ people with all kind of different backgrounds. We have employees who have high school diplomas, we have employees with associates degrees, we have employees with bachelor’s degrees and we have employees who have masters degrees,” said President of L & D Mail Masters, Diane Fischer.

Mary Beth Hackman is in her sixteenth year as a high school guidance counselor. She looks forward to returning back to school in a month and being able to share with her scholars what she did at L & D Mail Masters over the summer. Hackman believes her hands-on experience will add validity for her lessons to New Albany High School students that employers are seeking more than just employees. Employers want employees who will show up every day, work as a team, possess soft skills and accept constructive criticism. These lessons are lessons to everyone: students, teachers, employees, job seekers.

About L & D Mail Masters:

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