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Score a Touchdown for Your Marketing Campaign Using Super Bowl LI

Feb 2, 2017

You may not be an Atlanta Falcons fan, a New England Patriots fan or even a sports fan, but chances are you’ll probably be tuned in to Super Bowl LI on Sunday evening. Maybe it’s to see Lady Gaga’s halftime performance or because you’re attending a party to socialize. For many of us marketers, though, we’re tuning in to view the most anticipated commercials of the year. The average brand spends $5 million on a commercial spot during the Super Bowl. According to NewsCred, “The average rate for a 30-second spot has increased 75% over the past decade with brands investing over $4.2M for a 30-second ad.” Many of you are like us—your jaw drops and you think “I wish,” when it comes to spending that much money on one television marketing spot. So, you’re left to come up with creative ways to capitalize on Super Bowl LI without spending Super Bowl LI money. Here are five lessons we can learn from Super Bowl campaigns:

1)   Launch your campaign around an event. While Super Bowl LI is our said topic, this applies to every culturally relevant topic: Valentine’s Day, National Golf Month (click here for our example), Christmas, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If it’s trending, speak on it. There are only three days until Super Bowl LI, so for these next three days revisit past Super Bowl ads and after Sunday, discuss new ones. Don’t forget to add “#SuperBowl” to increase the traffic on your content.

2)   Tease your big reveal. This week we’ve seen all kind of previews for Super Bowl commercials building anticipation. Guess which ones you’ll be looking for on Sunday? Most likely the ads you’ve already heard about. Just a fifteen second teaser will put your end user on the edge of their seats. Plus, this is a good opportunity to activate a multi-channel campaign.

3)   Strategically place brand logos. No, it doesn’t have to take over the image, but just like the picture here we placed our logo on the football in place of the typical NFL or Super Bowl LI logo. Something as simple as a brand logo makes a picture unique and helps with brand marketing.

4)   Use guest bloggers and brand ambassadors. Who will be the celebrity line-up in this year’s Super Bowl commercial spread? Tiffany and Co. teased their commercial and it will feature half-time performer Lady Gaga—how relevant! Last year, in one of 2016’s favorite Super Bowl commercial we saw Kevin Hart star in Hyundai’s commercial. Brand endorsers have the power of bringing in a new crowd to a product or organization. Use this power for your blogs. Guest bloggers can bring in a new crowd while marketing their written blog on your site.

5)   Use creative wordplay to tie in the game with your industry and brand. With L & D Mail Masters being a part of the direct mail marketing industry, it takes a creative twist to make the Super Bowl relevant with the brand. As a mail company, sending out Super Bowl appetizer recipes is a good way for us to intertwine football with mail. Simple, yet helpful communications resonates well with the end-user.

So, whether you’re cheering for the Falcons or the Patriots or voting on your favorite Super Bowl commercial spot, there are lessons to be learned this Sunday. Score off the field with these five lessons this Super Bowl season!

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