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The Power of Direct Mail

May 25, 2017

It has been through the ringer. “It won’t outlast the fax machine,” they said. “It won’t outlast the world wide web,” they said. “It certainly has no chance against email,” they said. Here we are in the direct mail world, still standing. In fact, direct mail is growing. Brands that once strayed away are reconnecting with direct mail to reengage customers. One in particular: shoe retailer Johnston & Murphy. The retailer is using transactional data to send pieces to their customers who have spent over $1,000 in the past. They aren’t the only ones. Ecommerce companies are using the power of direct mail to attract new customers. To sum it up, new technologies are joining forces with direct mail to impact return on investments.

You can’t ignore it. There’s power in direct mail being in your face, well in your hand. Customers can’t control what comes in their mailbox, yet they have all the power in the world to delete e-mails.

It’s credible. The postal system, now called the United States Postal Service, was approved by Congress on July 26, 1775. Direct mail is reliable and credible because of its familiarity.

It lasts longer. 20% of direct mail is retained by its recipient, according to B2B Marketing. Paper advertisements have a longer “shelf-life” compared to its competitors, and this can lead to not only a conversion but multiple conversions by the same customer.

It goes hand-in-hand with new world media. Retargeting is the key term here. Customers received an L & D Mail Masters brochure in their mailbox. Then they went to the personalized URL link on that brochure. A couple of days later, they were scrolling Facebook and a L & D Mail Masters ad popped up. Yes, we’re following them. Yes, it’s powerful. The more touches, the better. This is the way direct mail is going, and for a method that provides better ROI than digital advertising, the sky is the limit for your return on investment.

It’s 2017, and time and time again, customers who may have once moved away from direct mail marketing are coming back. Everyone can’t be wrong, they say. They’re right. The power of direct mail is intense. Let L & D Mail Masters get you a quote on your future multi-channel campaign. You won’t be sorry!

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