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Jul 20, 2016

Take a look at your keys! How many of those key chains are tags from the gas stations, grocery stores, or restaurants you visit frequently? How about your email inbox; how many of those emails offer a promotional deal to your favorite store? Chances are you signed up for a customer loyalty program of some sort. Were you hoping to receive freebies, coupons or promotional codes? In most cases, all the above is promised. These customer loyalty programs are blowing up and the programs are paying off for businesses. According to Accenture Interactive, members of retailers’ customer loyalty programs generate between 12 percent and 18 percent more revenue for retailers than customers who are not members of the loyalty programs. Different businesses have a wide range of perks, and we’re highlighting some popular ones that might help your company in the future.

To begin, one of the most popular loyalty programs are joined for club-only prices. From Marsh to Kroger to Rite Aid to Walgreens, these cards allow you to get a majority of your groceries at a discounted rate. What it takes? Just your phone number, home address and email address to sign up. What’s great about these programs is that they are consistently changing with the times. If you go into your local Kroger or Rite Aid without your loyalty program tag, don’t you fret, you can now enter your phone number to receive the points from that purchase. That’s another bonus. Not only will you receive automatic discounts, but racking up points can get you some pennies off of your gas or a coupon off of your next in-store purchase! There is absolutely no harm in these club loyalty programs; it is like your favorite credit card that gets you cheaper flights. You’re going to use them anyway, right? Why not get something out of it!

How about the loyalty programs that sends coupons and freebies for birthdays? Talk about a fan favorite! It doesn’t take much to “wow” the customer. A lot of restaurants will offer a free dessert when you dine in for your birthday. Then there are restaurants that go above and beyond for their customer’s birthday; like Benihana, they offer a $30 off coupon for those in their loyalty program. Other places will actually give their customer’s gifts for their birthdays, like Sephora, ULTA and Smashbox. You can also get $3 off at CVS and $5 off at Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW). The deals are endless, but again, they are incredible perks to being a part of loyalty programs.

According to Business Wire, 49% of consumers will gladly switch brands for a coupon. With customer loyalty programs, there is no need to push customers to the other side. Who wants to guess which store or restaurant will be the cheaper visit? Most certainly you don’t. Loyalty programs drive customers to become brand loyal while receiving perks and points through the experience.

Jul 12, 2016

Did you know nearly 29% of 55-year olds have neither a pension or retirement savings plan? With that heartbreaking statistic, American’s are forced to work longer to generate income which is creating a very diverse group of people working together in today’s work force. There are four generations of people working side by side in companies today. From The Silent Generation to the Baby Boomers to Generation X and Y, many are forced to adapt to the weaknesses and strengths of one another. So, let’s begin with the breakdown of each generation.

The Silent Generation- This generation was born between 1925 and 1945. Their name comes from the idea at this time that “children should be seen and not heard.” This generation grew up at the time of World War II and the Great Depression and with that this generation seeks financial security; rightfully so. The Silent Generation are typically traditionalists, they’re patriotic, they demand quality and are great team players. This generation expects loyalty from employers as they are loyal and they believe raises should be rewarded based on tenure. 

The Baby Boomers- This generation was born between 1946 and 1964. Their name comes from the spike in child births after World War II. They were the most populous generation before Generation Y. The Baby Boomers are free-spirited, experimental and they are individualistic. They believe teamwork is important to success and that hours worked is the true measurement of work ethic. 

Generation X- This generation was born between 1965 and 1979. Their name comes from the lack of identity they felt. Generation X experienced more divorces than any other generation, and they are self-reliant. They believe in flexibility and freedom within the workplace and they believe in open communication on all levels of the workplace. They have an entrepreneurial mindset and are great at multi-tasking. 

Millennials- This generation was born between 1980 and 2000. This is the generation of technology and mobile devices. Many would call this generation “entitled”. Millennials are more ethnically and racially diverse than any other generation. This generation wants to be liked by peers and has a low attention span. They are open for change and seek reinforcement from bosses and they work to live rather than living for work.

So how do we suggest you coexist under one roof? Well to begin, communication is key while working with four very different generations and knowing just how to communicate is essential. If you are a supervisor, it’s important to realize that the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers may like to be spoken to face-to-face, while Generation X and Millennials may appreciate an email or a text message. It is also important to allow each generation to tell their own story. Everyone will be able to relate to one another better by hearing where they’ve been and why they handle particular topics certain ways.

Millennials and Generation X can also learn a great amount from the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers and vice versa. Imagine when your grandmother asks you to come over and show her how to use a flash-drive. Don’t roll your eyes! It’s a compliment when you’re asked for help and you should be willing to give all the help you can! For you older generations, don’t be afraid to ask for help. On the other end of that, younger generations you should be a complete sponge. Absorb as much information as you can from those older than you while you’re able to work with them. Whether it’s financial advice, career advice or advice on stability within the workforce, they’ve got tons of experience and wisdom. That cross-communication and dialogue should be exhilarated in the workplace as it can lead to beneficial results.

The key to adapting to the wide range of employees within the office is to open up communication and to learn what each generation’s strengths and weaknesses are. Everyday should be used as a learning experience from other generations. The possibilities are endless with such diverse workplaces! It also takes you to be willing to open your hearts and minds to the insight from your colleagues young and old.

Jul 6, 2016

There’s a stigma around Generation Y, better known as millennials, when it comes to the business-world. Some companies dread hiring them due to their unique outlook on life. Yes, they like to explore. Yes, they are scatter-brained. Yes, they may be too technologically driven. But, there is no better time than now. By 2020, millennials will make up half of the work force, meaning hiring them is the inevitable. According to Forbes, millennials switch their attention between media platforms like laptops, smartphones, tablets and televisions 27 times per hour on average and that is 10 times higher than the previous generation. Many employers run at the sounds of such a stat, but we’re here to tell you: millennials offer a unique and enriching outlook to your company. Here are the top six ways millennials can help your company succeed.

1. They’re connected, increasing your digital reach. It’s no secret Gen Y is more connected via social media than any other generation. According to the Pew report, 75% of them have created at least one social media account and with 67% of consumers being influenced by online marketing, your company’s digital reach is extremely important. Something as simple as mentions on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter from your employees can make the world of difference. “What’s your company do?” is just enough to get conversations started that could end in possible leads.

2. They are cost-effective. According to U.S. census data, 40 percent of our nation's unemployed are millennials, which equals to 4.6 million young people out of work. With that, jobs haven’t come easy for millennials, so they take work at a cheaper price. Many would argue that it is easier to mold a younger employee into your dream employee at cheaper rates than to hire a more expensive professional.

3. They value education. Gen Y has the most degrees amongst them than any other generation. If you cherish employees who are constantly learning and wanting to grow, millennials may just be the route to go. In fact, 65% of them say that personal development is the most important factor in their careers.

4. They are the most creative generation to date. This is the generation of Liberal Arts degrees, and even if your business isn’t a marketing firm your company can surely benefit from that creative power. This trait is self-identified among millennials; according to Marketing Millennials, when women in their twenties were asked to select three values that best describe them from a list of twenty, “Creativity” is the value chosen most often followed by ‘Adventurous’. Many times employees within a company get stuck in their bubble of innovation and ideas; millennials are sure to bring a new and exciting way to fulfill your company’s goal.

5. They can extraordinary multi-taskers. Generation Y grew up with laptops and telephones, and while they’re constantly on their phones Tweeting, Snapping and Facebooking, they have learned to multitask. Remember the Forbes quote from above? Millennials bounce their attention off of many different things 27 times per hour, and that includes work. You throw many tasks at them, millennials will be able to handle more of those tasks than ever before.

6. They are extremely diverse. Millennials are the most diverse generation in the post-war period, according to a White House study, and just over 40% of millennials identify with a race other than non-Hispanic, white. This is an extremely beneficial aspect for the workforce. Millennials are able to work well in groups due to their diverse backgrounds and the diversity of their peers. There is a unique advantage to having such diverse opinions and suggestions within a company.

Stay tuned! Next week our blog will give reasons why blending different generations under one roof can accentuate each generation’s strongest traits.

Jun 30, 2016

Never worked with L & D Mail Masters? Don’t know how our services work? Unsure how United States Postal Services’ guidelines plays a part in your direct mailers? We went to the L & D Mail Masters’ sales team to ask them what the most frequently asked questions from clients are; we have compiled them below. 

  1. What do I do if I don't have a mailing list? 

    L & D Mail Masters can purchase a list for you and help you determine which demographic you’ll need for the mailer you are sending. Demographics can include: age, income range, zip code, lifestyles, etc.

  2. How many pieces of mail do you need to mail in order to qualify for standard mail rates and how many for 1st class presorted mail rates? 

    You must have 200 automated pieces of mail to receive the presorted rate for standard mail rates. You must send 500 automated pieces of mail to receive the presorted rate for first class mail rates.

  3. Why do data files have to have the NCOA (National Change of Address) process ran in order for you to achieve discounted postage rates? What is the benefit to the customer if we provide this service? 

    NCOA decreases the amount of undeliverable mail as addressed. According to the USPS, they lose $1.5 billion a year on undeliverable mail. The USPS and L & D Mail Masters’ uses NCOA to keep your cost down and helps get the mailer delivered to your desired recipient. 

  4. Does NCOA process have to be done?  Is there a way around not doing this? 

    NCOA has to be done in order to receive presorted rates. When sending to a specific person, this process must be complete. If NCOA is not, you may send standard mailers to a person “or resident of…”.

  5. Why must the envelope of a reply piece have a barcode on it in order to achieve barcoded postal rates on the carrier envelope? 

    According to the DMM regulation every mail piece that has a BRE or CRE that will apply for an automated presort rate must have the automated barcode and FIM marks on them.  This helps the USPS cut down on non-deliverable mail.

  6. What are the mailing requirements on a mail piece?  How much spacing does it require? 

    L & D Mail Masters’ internal designers are skilled on the DMM standards and can capture your vision using the appropriate spacing requirements. 

  7. How many wafer seals (or tabs) will be needed for a self-mailer (brochure)? 

    Any self-mailer over one ounce needs three wafer seals.

  8. When will my mailing arrive in the homes/businesses? 

    From start of production to the mailbox, it is hard to give a blanket answer.  In that as every job is different and the predicted production time is given when you get a quote on the work from a sales representative, once the mail has been submitted it follows the United States Postal Service mailing standards. Mailing standards for first-class mail is 1-3 business days and mailing standards for standard mail from the USPS is 1-14 business days. 

If you would like L & D Mail Masters to add anymore FAQs to this blog, please leave a comment below and we would be happy to answer those for you. 

Jun 23, 2016

The average worker today stays at his or her jobs for 4.4 years and they say millennials stay with a company for half that time, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So how do you get your employees to invest their time and devote their entire lifetime with your company? With 110 employees and just over forty of them working for the company for ten-plus years, L & D Mail Masters knows a thing or two about retaining their employees. President Diane Fischer says employees at L & D Mail Masters are encouraged to transition from one job to the next in order to continue to advanced with the company. Fischer believes this creates longevity within the company and keeps employees invested instead of becoming bored with the job.

One of those employees is Barbara Fischer who has been with the company for twenty-three years. Barbara started with L & D Mail Masters in the data processing department and quickly moved up to receptionist. She says her open-mindedness allowed her advancement within the company. “When I first started at L & D, I came from using a Macintosh computer and typewriter environment to a computer system that was totally ‘Greek’ to me.  I gave myself a pep talk every day until I became comfortable with what I was doing,” Barbara Fischer says. Barbara currently works in the sales department and says she hopes to retire from L & D Mail Masters.

L & D Mail Master’s Chief Financial Officer, Karen Banet, has a similar story. Banet started as an Accounting Manager in a one-person department twenty years ago. “I was hopeful that I would be at L & D this long.  I had been in both the public and private side of accounting out of college and in my first few years in my career, and was looking for somewhere to stay long-term and grow,“ says Banet. She attributes her long-stay with L & D Mail Masters on how much the company respects and values her opinion. When employees feel valued and their work is recognized, it creates more valuable results from them and drives them to give  a longer tenure with the company. According to LinkedIn’s Talent Blog, 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. Positive reinforcement is something L & D Mail Masters strives to provide.

Last year, the median job tenure for workers aged 20 to 24 was shorter than 16 months. L & D Mail Master’s CFO says she believes it is okay for young adults to find their niche, in fact, she encourages it. “I think when you are new in your career, it is important to try out different jobs.  It gives you a better understanding of what you are looking for and what is important to you.  Then when you find your landing spot, like I did with L & D, it is that much more fulfilling,” says Banet. And Barbara Fischer says it is best to not get wrapped up in the feeling of needing instant gratification within a company, because you never know when you’ll find your passion. “I would say look for opportunities within your company, if a supervisor or someone in a lead position wants you to try something new, be open. It never hurts to ask about learning something new.  The benefits are gaining experience and knowing that you are part of a team,” says Fischer. Invest in your employees and listen to their needs and, in return, they will invest their time and talents into you!

If you would like to find out how to join L & D Mail Master’s team, you can click here.

Jun 9, 2016

Want to know the way to your employees’ hearts? Branded apparel! It is like Christmas in the workforce when employers announce that the new logo’d shirts are in. Whether you are paying for them or the employee is paying for them, there are exceptional benefits to company apparel. It’s an easy, proficient and cost effective way of getting your brand exposure while reaching a market you may not have been able to reach without the apparel.

Let us start with exactly how apparel can help with building your company’s brand. Say your employee throws on a company shirt to run to the store; the cashier sees the logo and is unfamiliar with the brand and asks your employee what the company does. That is promoting brand awareness in a non-conventional way. It starts conversations in places your company may not be mentioned before. The more someone sees your brand or logo, the bigger chance there is they’ll remember your company when they are in need of your company’s service. What stands out when you think of golden arches? Most likely McDonald’s. The more someone sees a logo, the more familiar they will get with that brand. Having your employees toting around town wearing brand apparel will get people more acclimated with the logo and the brand!

In addition to the marketing aspect, branded apparel also creates a sense of community and can improve morale within the company. Why are big names like Nike and Under Armour so successful? Well, one reason is because of their endorsers. Lebron James rocks Nike, while Stephen Curry equips himself with Under Armour apparel; many sports fans know that, and because of that their fans go out and buy those name brands. Why? Because, we all want to feel like we belong or are a part of something greater than ourselves. The same thing can happen with a company’s branded logo. If everyone has one, we feel better about it.

With that being said, a company’s credibility and their level of professionalism can weigh heavily on branded apparel. There is a sense of automatic belief in a company when you see their logo on polo’s, t-shirts or hats. Branded apparel shows the consumer the company is serious about what they do and how they look. Customers tend to believe the mission of a company they take the time out to purchase and wear their branded apparel; it gives off the feeling that you care about your company’s presentation and then them as customers.

Now, let’s get started! It’s important to create your branded apparel tastefully; it may be the only time someone comes in contact with your company’s name. Invest in someone who can create the design and provide high quality products that will make a lasting impression. Trust us with that.

Jun 1, 2016

It’s 2016; the year that e-mail inboxes have grown fuller and residential mailboxes have become emptier. The problem many marketers face using e-mail marketing is that many targeted consumers send their e-mails straight to the trash box, because on average, the typical office employee receives 121 e-mails a day. How do you get your e-mail to stand out in the crowd of so many? Well, maybe you just try a different approach, one that’ll drive better results. L & D Mail Masters, Inc. is here to help you provide the most successful campaign in the gold mine of marketing platforms: direct mailing. Direct mail marketing is traceable, inexpensive, and the results are easily measurable, but the trick is finding the most unique way to grasp your reader’s attention.

To begin, it is important for your marketing campaign to look and feel different than the average piece of mail. You know how your mother always told you, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” well that’s just the way the human brain has been programmed to view marketing campaigns. So, your direct mail piece must be eye-catching or it won’t see the time of day. There are several ways to accomplish getting your envelope opened. You can send die-cut mailings, mailings with bright colors, mailings sent in plastic envelopes, packages that are lumpy, and even sending out blank envelopes can help you build a successful campaign. These different presentations spark the reader’s attention and will get higher open rates.

The plastic envelopes allow the customers to see what’s inside before they even open them. Typically the articles of the mailer will be enticing enough to drive the receiver to open them. Check out the example we have here. Our 2015 Christmas mailer is wrapped in a clear envelope. Wouldn’t you want to know what this disk has to do with L & D Mail Masters and Christmas? Of course, it drives the result we are searching for; people are naturally curious and want to find out what’s inside.

Another technique that is sure to scream, “Hey, I’m different!” in a box full of letters is die-cutting. L & D Mail Masters can die-cut anything from postcards to booklets to invitations. In a mailbox full of bills, the oddly-shaped mailers will not be overlooked. These L & D Mail Masters’ products exemplify the power our in-house Heidelberg Letterpress can produce in regards to die-cutting.

With that being said, not only do postcards allow the opportunity for unique borders, but they also arrive already opened. According to a study done by Microsoft, people typically lose concentration after eight seconds. You’ve got to grab your reader’s attention and grab it fast! Postcards are a sure way to do that.

Finally, it is critical to emphasis the importance of text on your mailers. Successful mailers include the use of hand-written fonts, bold headlines, personalizations and use of words like: free and new. People are enticed by anything personalized. The mailing will feel less like a mass-mailing and will lead people to open and reveal the content inside. You want to create urgency and provide something of value for the potential customer.

According to the United States Postal Service, the average household receives 19.1 pieces of mail per week, and it’s important to stand out in a crowd of almost two dozen. L & D Mail Masters has the equipment, personnel and tools to capture the eye of your consumer. Get with us today to get your next direct mail campaign designed!

May 26, 2016

Have you ever gone to a website and thought: How do they know my name? How do they personalize each site for every one of their visitors? How do they make a web address specific to each of their customers? Maybe you haven’t wondered, but you thought it would be a significant way to reach your target audience. Well, it is and L & D Mail Masters can accomplish that for you! They are called Personalized URLs, better known as PURLs, and there are several benefits to using them.

To begin, PURLs take the “sales-pitch” feel out of your marketing communication. Think about it like this: the average person views 3,000 advertising messages a day. The objective for your campaign is to stand out from all of the others. With personal marketing, your message will get noticed. For example, “John Smith” is more prone to read something from a marketer that addresses him as “John Smith” than those that do not. Potential customers want to feel special and feel recognized instead of feeling like they are one in one-thousand. That is a quick way for your email or direct mail to end up in the waste basket. 

Not only does the name on the webpage spark attention, but so does a personalized URL address made specific for the viewer. On average, marketers who use PURLs increase their response rates by 50-100%. You can almost guarantee that number to go up if you have a combined email marketing campaign with direct mail marketing campaign. “John” can receive an email and website personalized for him as well as a piece of mail in his mailbox with his name on it. Talk about making your prospective customer feel special.

Finally, the greatest advantage is PURLs can provide you with the ability to track responses in real time. Once “John Smith” clicks his personalized URL, you can instantly be notified and will have the ability to follow up quickly. It is important to engage your customers at a deeper level by collecting valuable information, and using that information to make following campaigns even more relevant.

PURLs provide the ultimate personalized experience, ones that stand out from the crowd among thousands of other marketers. We, at L & D Mail Masters, create campaigns that help our customers, like you, captivate their target audience, by combining the power of direct mail and online media channels to capture information about the end user. Let L & D Mail Masters help you accomplish your customer retention goals by using PURLs.

If you would like to learn more about L & D Mail Masters’ PURLs or to receive a sample, you can leave your name and email address in the comments section and we will send you a personal URL within 5-10 days.

May 5, 2016

You might be wondering how a direct mail marketing firm can help you build brand awareness. Well, here at L & D Mail Masters, we are committed to helping our clients develop unmistakable branding. We make every effort to help our clients understand the importance of brand awareness, and we offer them a multitude of ways to achieve this.

To begin, you can brand yourself using direct mail. To have an effective mail campaign using direct mail you want to be sure to hit those customers' mailboxes three to five times. This repetitive mailing pattern will move your prospective customer's mindset from initial exposure, to full brand awareness. Eventually, it will align their needs with the value you have to offer them. When you are sending multiple mailings to a potential customer, it is important to maintain your brand appearance. This includes color schemes, logos, the tone and style of your message. By maintaining consistency, you strengthen the impact of your marketing message.

With that, your brand’s colors play a crucial role in brand awareness. Colors can bring out an emotional response for people. The colors you use for your brand should match the overall emotional reaction you are trying to achieve. In some cases, color alone can cause your mind to recall a brand. The digital offset presses at L & D Mail Masters use the color consistency much easier for you. Our presses have the versatility of digital printing with the color matching capabilities of offset printing. 

In addition, your logo is a factor for branding that represents the face of your brand. It is vital that it be professionally constructed and speaks true to your brand. Our experienced in-house design team can help you create a logo that will make a lasting impression.

Finally, branded promotional items are a highly effective way of bringing your brand to the forefront of peoples' minds. With branded promotional items, you can put your branding on everything from pens, shirts, magnets, coolers - the possibilities are endless. The key is to know what your target market would enjoy using. Our expert promotional specialist can help you find the ideal product for your target market.

With the many ways L & D Mail Masters can help you with your branding, there is sure to be a perfect fit for you. Get in touch with one of our expert Account Executives today. Request a quote here.

Feb 25, 2016

What do people know you for? Your extremely outgoing personality or the hard work you put into your job? Now think about this, what do your customers know your company for? What are you doing to make sure you are getting the right message across? Making a positive name for yourself as an individual is just as important as making a positive name for your company. Differentiating your product or service from your competitors can be achieved through brand awareness.


Feb 4, 2016

Planning a direct mail campaign? L & D Mail Masters is your USPS expert here to help you with your direct mail needs. Read our recommendations on meeting postal guidelines and other tips on creating a postcard campaign. This infographic walks you through the guidelines to have a successful postcard campaign. Postcards are a highly effective way to get your message across. The 2015 DMA Statistical fact book states that among all mail piece types, postcards are most likely to be read; 51% are read by recipients.

Jan 14, 2016

The 2015 You Choose We Donate Campaign was a huge success. In the coming weeks, L & D Mail Masters will be distributing the donation checks to the local non-profits. Your votes determined what percentage of the money set aside to donate in 2015 will go to each company.


Dec 29, 2015

Diane Fischer and her partner started L & D Mail Masters with an investment of $500 each in 1986. They ran the business out of Diane’s home, specifically her garage.  Within the first six months, they landed a client with 300,000 pieces of mail to produce. This client’s mailing has grown to 14 million pieces in addition to digital communications and is still with L & D Mail Masters today. 

Dec 16, 2015

Are you worried about your insurance rates increasing? With the obesity epidemic our country is facing and the millions of Americans with chronic illnesses, healthcare costs have continued to increase. Having an effective health and wellness program is a great way to minimize these costs. Insurance companies today see the importance of living a healthy and informed lifestyle. They encourage getting screenings and doing preventative care.


Dec 3, 2015

Dashboard Access Management - Campaign Dashboards

Creating a personalized landing page (PURL) specifically for your mail campaign for each individual is a great way to receive detailed response information. These personalized landing pages can be as targeted and personal as you can dream. These are great for gathering additional information from existing clients, to help in fundraising efforts, increasing membership and engaging prospects.

Nov 19, 2015

Do you have the right ingredients for your next Direct Mail Campaign? We have the recipe for you here

Nov 5, 2015

In today’s market where the consumer has more control over the buying process than marketers do, the benefits of multichannel marketing are pretty outstanding. Read more about it here

Oct 22, 2015

According to a USPS study, 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered to them. 98%! If this statistic holds true that means most likely the piece of mail you sent out will arrive in your customers’ house. But what happens next? Will they look at the piece of mail? Throw it away? Shred it?  This is the most important, you have to ensure when it is in their hands they look at it, open it, turn it over, and analyze the entire thing! How might you do this you may ask? By putting the correct information on your direct mail piece you can either captivate your audience or drive them away. 

Below is information that is important to have on your direct mail piece

Oct 15, 2015

As the printing industry continues to change and evolve we are able to see the rapid growth of digital printing compared to the steady or declining growth of offset printing.Digital printing opens up the possibility of variable data printing.

Oct 1, 2015

Are you challenged with your marketing efforts to quantify the number of leads a campaign brings in? With direct mail you can track your responses quite effectively. There are many response mechanisms you can use to track direct mail. The most important factor in deciding which mechanism to use is how much detail you want to get about the responder. Through advancements in technology tracking your response rate has gotten a lot easier. There are very simple ways to track responses such as a code corresponding to the recipient’s information to the very precise tracking of a PURL landing page campaign.

Let’s take a look at four effective ways to track your response rates:

Sep 23, 2015

Did you know leads that are nurtured can produce a 20% increase of sales opportunities? Lead nurturing is similar to growing a garden. If your garden is watered and maintained well, over time you will reap the benefits it has to offer when the plants are fully grown and ready to be picked. Think of lead nurturing as a slow but rewarding process.  It takes time to nurture a new prospect. The majority of the time it could take between 7-15 interactions with a potential client to get them fully engaged

Sep 16, 2015

Over the past week L & D Mail Masters of New Albany Indiana has made multiple capital investments to increase our technologically advanced production headquarters.  The new equipment includes a Pitney Bowes Epic Inserter and a second Pitney Bowes Vantage Sorter. This Vantage Sorter doubles our capacity for comingling letter mail. These machines will increase our capacity and speed within the same 180,000 square foot facility.  This equipment furthers L & D Mail Masters’ expertise in insertion of color variable letter packets that are file verified and secure.


Sep 10, 2015

Fall is in the air. Time to start thinking about the corporate gifts and employee recognition gifts you will give out this year for the holidays. Whether it is for employee recognition or customer appreciation, you want your gift to make a lasting impression.  How do you get the perfect gift that says we care about you and at the same time is useful to your clients or employees, while leaving a lasting impression. 

Here are a few tips on how to choose the best promotional holiday gift

Sep 3, 2015

How it works

  • The database is enhanced with information needed to communicate with the smart inserters. 
  • The pieces are then printed on a state of the art full color inkjet press. 
  • The pieces are then run on the high speed smart inserters. All while recording the movement of each and every piece back to the enhanced database.
  • This database can verify that each piece was inserted into the correct envelope.Giving you the peace of mind to know your client got the correct information sent to them.


Aug 27, 2015

Not sure what size of mail you have? Here we explain the United States postal regulations for letter and flat size direct mail pieces.